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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  February 21, 2013 2:00am-2:59am PST

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insi insipid when writing to us. and remember, that the spin stops right here because we're definitely looking out for you.
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>> good morning to you. i am hert nauert. >> i am heather childers. today is tuesday february 21st. thank you for watching "fox & friends" first. time now for your 5@5:00. we begin with this the case of oscar pistorius taking a remarkable twist overnight. we have learned the detective faces attempted murder charges himself over a 2011 shooting. the prosecutes cushion says they had no idea this revelation coming as the third day of the athlete's bail hearing gets underway in south africa. a rule could come as soon as today. the white house with a trade secret this after linking evidence to fiber espionage. the plan calls for diplomatic pressure to foreign leaders to try to discourage them.
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it revealed current lieus at a public awareness campaign. drew peterson could learn his fate today if a judge decides against a new trial. he will be sentenced late this afternoon. he faces up to 60 years in advise on. a jury convicted the 59-year-old last fall of murdering sabio that was in 2004. prosecutors are asking for the maximum sentence. >> surveillance video coming in that captures the moment a massive gas explosion rocked a kansas city restaurant. it was likely set off by a construction crew working under ground they apparently hit a natural gas line. >> one woman a server at the restaurant died. 15 others were injured, 6 remain in the hospital this morning.
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take a look at this. a colossal sun spot on the surface of the sun. it is large enough to swallow six earths. the giant sun spot which is made up of the bottom two black dots that you see there in the picture is growing so fast it may cause solar flares later this week. >> never heard of that. beautiful to see. >> extreme weather alert. the heartland is preparing for what could be the worst storm to hit the midwest and other parts of the country in two years. in oklahoma city roads there they are already covered with a slushy mix of snow and ice causing one deadly crash.
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janice dean has been tracking the story. >> i saw some of the pictures. amazing. it does snow occasionally in arizona but they got 2 inches in and around phoenix. go ahead? >> in phoenix. >> there were no men on the golf course. i am sure we will have video through out the morning. it was very impressive. it is all part of a larger system that is going to bring incredible amounts of snow and potential for ice across arkansas and missouri that's freezing rain a mix of freezing rain and/or sleet. you can see it is encroaching on portions of kansas and oklahoma. that's really dangerous. makes things very slippery as it accumulates on the roads and power lines. that's going to cause major problems. take a look where we are seeing all snow that's really where the bulls eye of the snow is going
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to be. it will encompass two-thirds of the country. the south side is the warm side that's where we see potential of severe weather. there is ice in northern arkansas where they could get half an inch of ice and that could be exceptionally dangerous. want to go over the threat for severe weather. we are going to see snow and rain and ice and potential for tornadoes. this is a multi facetted storm. it is cold in much of the country the table is set with snow and potential for severe weather across the gulf as well.
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>> let's take a look at the nation's capital. you can see it right there. home right now to the blame came over the looming spending cuts. 83 percent of americans believe government spending is out of control. i want to know who the other 10 percent is. they found oy they will be
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furloughed to thank republicans for their 20 percent pay cut. >> what i say to them is there is no reason they should be furloughed no reason they should lose their job or be laid off. this is a problem congress can solve. >> president obama's white house helped prevent sequestration for the failure of the debt committee two years ago and now they are wondering why they didn't do anything to stop it sooner. >> the president signed it into
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law. from august 2011 through the end of the year the president did nothing to stop it. the white house recommended see quest station in 2011. now it is the fault of the president and congress. on the potential chopping block defense spending on the threats that could effect homeland security. oo that's what general bob scales is talking about this morning going on the record the general discussing that the impact could directly have an impact on our military strength.
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>> the easiest way to get money is people you can write a check to reduce those very quickly. the army is already took 66 percent in 2012. they are taking their proportion gnat share in 2013. what this means is for those troops deployed in afghanistan that leaves the army in a can nun drum do they expand the troops in afghanistan or send troops that are not fully trained to afghanistan. nothing is as badly handled as see queststration moving money around into services an putting money where it is needed most we are an army of war because we have to be able to send trained and ready soldiers into combat and move those from the combat
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zone into the united states toward the stress of combat gets to be too much. the see queseek tor it will add an hour to the airport security line and once travelers get to the lines it will be answer longer lines. the mandatory cuts would hit tsa and border froeks as well as faa air traffic controllers.
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estimated 47,000 faa workers would be require to do take unpaid leave as early as next month. >> from cramming in the lines at the airport to a different type of cramming. >> this is a new type of cramming to tell you about. the fees you see pop up on your credit card. they are small fees. they were once deep in your phone bill now they are increasingly showing up as real charges on your credit card statement. one of the companies is ideal financial solutions. the federal trade commission stopped their operation that has concealment and dozens of shell companies, 25 million in all. targeted financial account holders about 2k308 lars each time. when those customers call to complain they were told they had
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purchased something. debt 12 funding insurance of 15 different shell companies in all. it may be $30. >> 20 million people are affected. coming up it is every skiers nightmare. a boy left dangling from a ski lift with no choice but to let go. >> the funniest night in washington. >> if any one has tickets for the after party the plane is leaving for the four seasons in d dubai at mid nate on the dock. >> who will get the chance to roast the politicians this time around? we will have that answer for you coming up. rl [ anouncer ] ihop in time square to compare
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morning to you. here's a look at what you missed while you were sleeping. carnival hit with a class action lawsuit stranding more than 3,000 passengers for five days. the suit claims the company failed to provide the speed worthy ship. carnival says it can't comment at this time. the nation is spending way more than it is taking in with our deficit standing at more than $16.5 trillion. what most people don't know is what is their share 53,000 dollars for every man, woman and
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child. >> oo an influx of ideas of law americas on how women should protect themselves from criminals. there were a proposal for women to use whistles a buddy system even pens. last night on "hannity" michelle mal pin had a lot to say about these ideas. >> i have felt like vomiting all week hearing all of this nonsense from these presumptuous gun grabbing men. unfortunately it is coming from my home state in colorado the likes of joe salazar. >> i think maybe people have been inhaling too much that's why we have all of this insanity going on. but between joe salazar who is recommending the rape wileses. this is a father who has two daughters and a wife of his own. you think he would have had a
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heck of a lot more sense on the house floor in denver. >> are you going to race to your state zone i am going to urinate on you that will stop you. this is dangerous now. this is so dumb coming out of the politicians. >> i have to check each and every one. this debate is going down right now in colorado. it is a chance not only for colorado women. women all across the country should be heard and to make sure they speak for themselves not these idiots who want to leigh them disarmed and vulnerable violent sexual predators. >> want to hear more michelle mall p will be live on fox and friends at 8 today. >> time to brew on this.
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this is what we would like you to brew on today. do you ever want to put an ob incomes shoes person in their place? say nothing. a new study shows it is the silent treatment that is the best way to deal with a person who is goibeing mean to you rat than continuing the conversation. >> that's an interesting one. >> researchers found people who ignore someone who is being offensive actually perform better on other tasks. 45 percent of working adults say they have used the silent treatment at least once in their life. how do you deal with an obnoxious person? tweet them to us at fox friend first shoot us an emai we will read them later in the show. don't give us the silent treatment, answer us. >> another company dropping part-time employees from the healthcare coverage. is it a trend that is about to get worse? >> prison inmates are not supposed to get paid, are they?
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criminals caught collecting millions of dollars in tax payer money once again.
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>> welcome back. 22 after the top of the hour. 134 miles per hour that is how fast cowboys player josh brent here on the left may have been driving when he crashed his car killing teammate jerry brown. new police reports say the surveillance cameras caught him doing at least 110 miles per hour. brent faces up to 20-years in
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prison for intoxication and manslaughter. it is not fun for part-time workers at universal studios in orlando. t they say they have to eliminate the insurance plan at the end of the year because of obama care. the plan known as a mini med plan is prohibited by obama care. 500 workers are affected. >> thank you so much. when you are looking for your very first job or something that pays six figures maybe even more cheryl casone is here back with the top three companies that are hiring this week. >> hi, cheryl. >> good morning. good mix of companies. this one you probable blared of especially everyone out in california. they are based in los angeles, celebrities, basketball players are going to fast burgers. they are expanding in the new york area. right here in new york city. they have 1400 to 1850 jobs expanding through the world.
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they make 10-25 bucks an hour. you can purchase insurance coverage if you are working at f fatburgers. managers make 20,000 to 50,000. in hawaii, spokane washington and right here in new york city. another fat juicy thing to eat in new york city. >> i like the idea of cheese burgers in hawaii. not a bad job. >> allstate insurance. what are they doing? >> property casualty insurance company out there about a thousand positions are open right now. this is in north brook illinois. they need different types technology operators marketing consultants call center reps claims, adjusters. you have heard about allstate the commercials with the african american has the very deep voice. he has been the spokesman of this company. they also offer adoption assistance program. nice perk for a company.
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and then mentor ship as well. that's allstate. >> north brook, illinois also a nice town. >> this next one i like visiting angels because of the changing demographics. >> someone turns 65 every 20 seconds in the united states. things are happening like dementia and alzheimer's but they are not hospital bound. people want to stay at home. this is where the growth industry is shaping. this is visiting angels 24 howe jobs nationwide. they have 24 franchises. they need home companions, people that can do marketing you can franchise one of these. takes about 75 grand if you can get the loan. frankly there's a big demand for this type of position right now because of where we are demographically. >> some franchisers actually offered financing.
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>> duncan brand does that as well. duncan doughnuts will offer you franchising. visiting angels not so much. 850 to 1150 per hour. if you go to casone knee exchange serving listed all of the details. also the web site for more information you can apply e-mail us at fsn job or if you are a company look to go fire. it is great and far reaching. >> always great information. cheryl from fox business. thank you so much. straight ahead shaping up tore the worst storm to hit america's heartland in two years now. we will have a live update at the extreme weather coming up next. it is every skier's worst nightmare come true. a young boy dajing from a ski lift has no choice but to let go. >> on this day in history in 1948 heather list tone this one.
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more "likes." more tweets. so, beginning today, my son brock and his whole team will be our new senior social media strategists. any questions? since we make radiator valves wouldn't it be better if we just let fedex help us to expand to new markets? hmm gotta admit that's better than a few "likes." i don't have the door code. who's that? he won a contest online to be ceo for the day. how am i supposed to run a business here without an office?! [ male announcer ] fast, reliable deliveries worldwide. fedex. >> good morning. i am heather childers. >> i am heather nauert. today is thursday february 21st. thank you for getting up with us and watching "fox & friends
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first". >> overnight a dramatic new twist i am merging from the oscar pistorius case. the lead detective in the case is facing murder charges himself over a 2011 shooting. >> in the meantime today we could find out if the olympian charged with murder of his girlfriend could be charged with bail. >> amy kellogg has the details. what a big surprise to come in overnight. good morning. >> good morning heather and heather. it is not clear whether this is called a twist or a major side show in the oscar pistorius case. the leading investigator now facing 7 charges of tame presidented murder. as you mentioned those charges stemmed from 2011. they were investigating a case of a woman who has been murdered dismembered and then disposed of in a sewer drain pipe. he was allegedly drunk at the time. when a mini bus forced him oa bs
2:34 am
off the road or tried to stop the bus. the police officers fired shots at the bus. the charges were dropped and subsequently reinstated. what gets tricky is this was reconfirmed yesterday afternoon. the prosecution service says the position was taken between february 4th and 10th to reinstate the charges. that would have been before reeva steenkamp was killed. there are questions about the timing of all of this. oscar pistorius back in the courtroom today due to the drama of the tame presidented murder charges proceedings only getting underway now. the prosecuting attorney is saying that they will have no choice but to drop him from the pistorius case. the magistrate summoned the veteran police investigator into the courtroom. the final word on both his status in this case has not yet been etched in stone. there have been so many
2:35 am
contradictions and so many over sights from the last couple of days. the latest a bit of information that emerged from yesterday's reading event was that this .38-caliber unlicensed ammunition found in the home of oscar piss torya has since gone missing. so much yesterday pointed to problems with the prosecution's case. now we have this new situation with attempted murder charges against the chief investigator here. that's the latest from london. >> something different developing every day. >> top 5 at 5:40. a deadly plane crash in georgia, 5 passengers were killed and two others were hurt after a small craft ran off of the end of the runway. no word on the two sur vooirs.
2:36 am
the jet was coming from nashville, tennessee. a spokeswoman says right now they don't know what caused the plane to crash. >> may be one step closer to solving the murder of a new york mother of two. the blood of her shirt and skin found under her fingernails matches the dna of a homeless man who is apparently on the run from police. she had been traveling line. she dispiered the day before she was supposed to fly home. her body was found near ancient walls in i say stan pull. th -- istanbul. they believe he is somewhere near the syrian border. >> they are locked up but we are still paying their salariesalar. they are scoring millions of dollars in fraudulent unemployment benefits. the latest case in pennsylvania. nearly 1200 inmates wrongly receiving checks for the past 4 months. the cost to taxpayers a mere
2:37 am
$7 million. we are told it is happening because of poor over sight. >> a dramatic scene unfolding on the slopes in new mexico. you can see the teenager there see, he jumps. he was dangling from the ski lift as it continues to rise. unable to continue to hang on he falls 45 feet on to the snow. he was air lifted off the mountain. he was tame presidented to throw a snowball to his friends but his friends say the security bar wasn't down. the teen is said to be home and doing fine. >> i just taught my 3-year-old how to ski and held on to him for deer life. >> google unveiling the first touch screen lap top. it would be a big step as google tries to go toe-to-toe with ipod
2:38 am
operating systems. chrome books are currently on the market. they start at $199. that's your 5@5:30. the federal government bracing for next week's sec quest tore as the president intensifies his campaign they have a major spending problem. doug luzader is live in washington with more on that. 83 percent. >> overwhelming. good morning. this is really the blame game on steroids. the white house is coming at a rapid fire pace. the president yesterday summonsing 8 reporters to the white house to talk about the looming is he quesequestor cuts
2:39 am
effect it can have. >> the truth is both the president and congress dragged their feet on this. these automatic spending cuts both parties agreed to are now almost certain to happen next week. the pentagon saying 800,000 civilian workers will have to take unpaid leave. >> unfortunately we have to continue with planning furloughs one of the most distasteful tasks i have faced in my career in this job. >> the white house warned about everything from longer security lines at tsa checkpoints at airports to a child care crunch. the former head to the congressional budget says a lot of this may be over blown. >> the kinds of things you hear
2:40 am
about thsuch as causing a recession it is impossible for that to happen. it's a budget that can come and go with that budget. it's a $16 trillion problem. it's not going to trirg the economy. >> to drive that point home when you consider the sequester it is just a tiny slice of the pie. it shows how difficult it is to make relatively small spending cuts in washington. this represents 2-3 percent of federal out lay. >> doug luzader in washington. thank you so much, doug. >> time for an extreme weather alert. the snow already falling in wichita, kansas. look at that making a mess of the morning commute. folks could see a foot of snow by the end of today. that's all thanks to mother nature of course. janice dean is tracking the storm. this is bigger than that it is two-thirds of the country.
2:41 am
>> what was the groundhog thinking when he predicted an early spring. 6-2 inches for a big section of the midwest. in come ca some cases we could t 16 to 24. this is the area i am concerned about we could see freezing rain and/or sleet. we have ice storm warnings we can see half an inch of ice on the roads and power lines. we have a snow event in kansas, nebraska, in towards iowa. there's the bulls eye we could see 2 feet of snow around the kansas city area. icing over arkansas, parts of missouri. this will be incredibly dangerous as well moving across the ohio river valley. the other side of this storm if you can believe it hail damaging winds across texas, indiana, mississippi up towards arkansas. let's track it for you as we get into later on today thursday evening. still watching that twirny mix-up towards st. louis. snow flying across portions of
2:42 am
the upper midwest. even chicago has several inches of snow. their heist snowfall totals they have seen all year. if i could make mention the cold front across the southeast. what if i told you some of that moisture could develop into a nor' easter this weekend? yes, we are going to be tracking the potential for a coastal event that could bring a foot of snow to new england over the same area that got 2-3 feet a couple weeks ago. >> man, another nor' easter. >> yes, ma'am. >> i am okay with that. thank you so much. talk to you later. time now to entertain this american idol throwing yet another twist the added 40 remaining contestants a sudden death round. 10 women sang in front of a life audience in las vegas. 5 went home and 5 moved on including 18-year-old angela. ♪
2:43 am
>> well, tonight the first group of 10 men will take the stage. america's got talent on the other hand they found their new judge. former spice girl mel b will replace sharon osbourne who quit last year. she joins howard stern and howe mandel. conan o'brien named this year's host of the white house correspondence dinner. he also emceed the event in 1995. >> for those watching live on c span. for god's sake, it's saturday night. go outside. meet a woman. come on. >> the dinner, by the way, is on april 27th.
2:44 am
>> good point there. >> straight ahead an emergency recall for one of america's favorite breakfast foods. you want to listen to this. it could be filled with chards of glass. >> that is scary. and the president they call them the cards of the future. we spent tax payer money to build them. why is it this ground breaking technology is on the verge of being sold to china? [ piano plays ] troy polamalu's going deeper. ♪ and so is head & shoulders deep clean. [ male announcer ] with 7 benefits it goes deep to remove grease, gunk, and flakes. deep. like me. [ male announcer ] ad & shoulders de clean for men. ♪ [ male announcer ] ad & shoulders de clean for men. new griddle-melts to youre usual breakfast sandwich. a lot more flavor. [ anouncer ] ihop's new griddle melts... made fresh and hot! hand crafted just for you. it's like a sexy sandwich.
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rescuers had to save more child stuck in a washing machine area. in italy this is mount edna erupting. it is the tallest most active volcano. the last time it was erupting was back in october. a murder suspect tries to turn himself in. but the police station says sorry, we are closed. that's exactly what happened to a suspected mobster in malmo. the suspect was sent to another police station where officers did arrest him. >> that's a dedicated guy. the president has called it the cars of the future. your tax dollars went to help build them. the hybrid car maker if is kerr may be sold to china. let's go to diane macedo from the fox business network who has
2:49 am
more. >> tsz reportedly ready to take ore if fisker automotive. to the tune of 530 million. if is ker fiskers made batterie which was government funded and bought by a chinese firm. they are voicing concerns that the government continues to make bad investments while u.s. taxpayers lose out chinese companies are reaping the benefit. he said yesterday like a 1, 2, 3 it looks flieshg example of taxpayer dollars going to a failed experiment. taxpayer subsidies should not be sold off to chien nall. fisker says the bidding process is open and they are evaluating multiple proposals from all over the world. the energy department spokesman says the loans strip the conditions to protect taxpayers and the department is working with fiskers to reduce cars and
2:50 am
slow workers here in america. fisker owes the federal government $200 million. coming up one of america's favorite breakfast cereals being pulled from store shelves because it might contain chards of glass. those details coming up. >> the nominees who don't win at the oscars they won't go empty handed. there is a consolation prize. we will tell you about that. first let's check in with steve doocy to see what's coming up. >> in addition to the consolation prize i am sure there's a goody bag. >> they have a great show for you coming up in about a dozen minutes. the president of the united states talking military scaring people about the big sequester. lush limbaugh says he's acting as if it's the end of the world.
2:51 am
they could fill a number of small family fisherman operations. how the epa is cracking down on him. we will tell you the story of a homeless guy in brooklyn new york who wants to sue his parents for 200,000 dollars because they didn't love him to mortgage their house to buy him a dominos franchise. flush what? details coming up.
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>> good morning to you. 8 minutes before the hour. here's a quick look at headlines this morning. thanks but no thanks. lance armstrong turning down what could have been his last shot at having this lifetime cycling ban reduced. the disgraced cyclist refused to meet with u.s. anti doping
2:55 am
regulators before yesterday's deadline. armstrong could have gotten a break from the agency if he coopera cooperated. a warning sign before you take a bite into your breakfast. kelloggs is recalling the special k serial with red berries because it may have glass in it. it effects 3 sizes of the cereal. they have the best buy dates of either november or december 2013. keep an eye out for that. gamers rejoice. sony announced a new system. the play station 4 at a press conference in new york. the console will have enhanced graphics they say 8 giga bites of memory and come with a built in hard drive. they will have the ability to stream games for free so players can try them on-line. one of the new features is a redesigned controller. there it is. it has the new touch pad on top along with a new share button.
2:56 am
it allows gamers to post their game footage on-line for others to see. de sirens hope the features will push play station to the front of the industry. >> expect powerful opportunities to connect and play and stay informed even when away from the primary con soule. play station 4 will unleash imaginations to create next generation experiences that surpass gamer's wildest expectations. >> highly anticipated con soule is out in time for this year's holiday season of course. the academy awards they are on sunday, your favorite movie stars they are already pampering themselves of course for the big day. this year apparently it is all about the nails. listen to this. some celebrities are shelling out 250,000 dollars for one. 2 and a half carrots of black diamonds. you thought that was insane, did
2:57 am
you know the nominees who don't go home with a gold statue they will get a 45,000 dollar swag bag along the items. trips to australia, hawaii, mexico, personal training sessions and alcohol. that's a ridiculous prize. >> people who eat and drink a cup a day of coffee. >> the silent treatment the best way to deal with an obnoxious person. a 45 percent of adults tried it they say it works. tell us how you deal with an obnoxious person? reading the e-mails up next. [ male announcer ] any technology not moving forward is moving backward. [ engine turns over, tires squeal ]
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and you'll find advanced safety technology like an available heads-up display on the 2013 lexus gs. there's no going back.
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